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Facebook applications from

Facebook Games:
CTG-Mastermind v1.3
Broken/under cunstruction:
CTG-Hangman v1.1
CTG-Tutor v1.1

Currently in development: (may not work)
Maze Mansion 3D v0.5
CTG-Bomber v0.8
CTG-Concentration v0.5
CTG-Scrabble v0.1

Games/apps being considered:
Suggestions welcome...

Version numbers are a progress indicator. The higher the number the closer the game is being finalized.
v1.1 and higherbugs fixed, features added
v1.0considered working
v0.9 and lowercreation and testing stage

If anything has been down or not working for more than 24 hours let me know. has a suggestion/comment section under -Contact Me-.